Located on the southern coast of The Moor. Moorswynn boast two shipping wharves and a sizable shipyard. Its shipyard is supplied with lumber from logging towns and villages in the western half of The Moor.

Trade from all over Atrumia makes its way through here, especially from the Berulir Mountains and Esmar in the north to Akaes in the south. Due to its high shipping capacity and centralized location, Moorswynn is the largest trading port and second largest city on Atrumia.

Notable Locations and Factions

  • Mage College – Handles magic teachings and research. Members mainly follow Balorr and shares his mission of gathering and storing knowledge.
  • Bards College – Located in the same complex as the Mage College. The Bards College focuses more on Lilene’s teachings of music and joy of life. The Mage and Bards college are heavily associated with each other.
  • Artisan Association – Builders and craftsmen covering all artisan services. Has a strong connection to the traders league for supplies and product sales.
  • Traders League – Maintains supply lines between the kingdoms. Ensures commodities and valuables are trafficked from city to city. You don’t need to be registered with the league to be part of a caravan, but it is heavily favored that you are.
  • City Watch – Acts as police and peacekeepers. Does not guard the Mage College, Palace, or Keep. The mage guild deploys their own guards, separate from the city watch. The Palace and Keep are guarded by professionally trained soldiers.
  • Keep – A garrison housing thousands of soldiers to protect the city and surrounding area in case of attack.
  • The Grand Church – A massive building complex devoted to The Pantheon and its religion The Faith of the Seven. Has one large main hall to worship The Pantheon as a whole and 6 wings acting as a church for each god (not counting Aldomas). Holds mass daily, offers healing and ceremony services such as weddings and funerals.


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