A large temperate continent on Atrumia. Home to four major kingdoms, Eidamun has lush plains and valleys, dense forests, looming mountains, and a harsh frozen wasteland.

Alderin – Stretches from the center of the continent to the southwest coast
The Moor – Southeast corner of the continent
Esmar- Northern center of the continent
Berulir Mountains – Northeast mountain range

Other locations

  • Adamantine Highlands – Mountain range on the western side of the continent. Creates a border between Alderin and Esmar.
  • Bellowing Slopes – Mountain range on the eastern side of the continent. Creates a border between The Moor and Esmar.
  • Sapphire Heart – A large lake in the middle of Eidamun. Alderin, Esmar, and The Moor share borders on this lake.
  • Frozen Wastes – A largely uninhaitable frozen wasteland on the northwest corner of the continent.
  • Amberhollow – A large island off the northeast coast.


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