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  • Alderin

    Located in southwest of [[Eidamun | Ediamun]] Alderin is a sprawling kingdom with the most fertile plains on [[Atrumia | Atrumia]]. Leading it to also hold the largest population on the planet. The captial city of Alderin is Suncrest, birthplace of …

  • The Moor

    The second largest kingdom on [[Eidamun | Eidamun]]. The river Emerald Channel runs from north to south and splits the kingdom. West of the Emerald Channel lies thick forests and farmlands. While to the east is the Emerald Spire and rolling hills. …

  • Esmar

    A heavily forested kingdom in northern [[Eidamun | Eidamun]]. The capital city of Esmar is Baygrove.

  • Berulir Mountains

    A completely mountainous kingdom in the northeast of [[Eidamun | Eidamun]]. Mainly inhabited by dwarves who delve into the mountain sides. Capital city of the Berulir Mountains is Homdaral.

  • Oskela

    Oskela - The sole kingdom on the desert continent [[Akaes | Akaes]]. The captial city of Oskela is Meyaft.

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